Wisdom School at the Meeting Place Teralba

Wisdom meeting place and is an universal centre for spiritual teachings, yoga, meditation and community activities.

With our spiritual teachings, we embrace and share all paths of love, freedom and wisdom for spiritual seekers. We hold various courses about the inner journey for you to be able to go beyond the mind and experience the deep aspects of who you are, by sharing and studying universal teachings.

The Way, Mystic School

The Way is dedicated to sharing the ageless wisdom of the great mystics, in an environment where everyone is welcomed and encouraged to be open to their own self-transformation process.

The Way is a course designed to develop the human potential in the tradition of spiritual schools. It teaches the holistic path through the study of spiritual masters and communities from all traditions and faiths, including Yogis, Sufis, Mother Nature and Indigenous cultures. All, who have walked, lived and embraced “The Way”.

Find out more http://yogicwisdom.com.au/home/way-inner-path-freedom-course/

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