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Yogic Wisdom Testimonials

Kym McDonald – Yogic Wisdom

“In the years I have known Kym she has generously shared her Wisdom & Knowledge with Compassion. Kym loves to serve others and it is evident when you meet her.  Her passion for “Ashreya” and the well being of others is truly admirable.  Kym has created a beautiful space, to service her community at Yogic Wisdom where you not only improve your well-being but also grow on a much deeper and spiritual level.  I am currently Kym’s student for Yoga Teacher training 2015 and have enjoyed every minute so far, I would recommend it to anyone who is searching for a positive, tranformative learning experience.”. – Sophia W.


“Kym has a real passion and knowledge for Yoga Therapy is very evident when you speak with her. Kym always gives you 100% of her compassionate attention.  My experience of Yoga therapy has been vey transformative”. Kym has a real desire to serve her community” –  Rachel L.


“Kym is one of the most loving, compassionate and wise people I have ever met and I have learnt so much from her advice and teachings.  I feel comfortable talking to Kym about just about anything and I love the way she works to help people holistically.  I have also benefited a lot from the yoga therapy and breathing techniques she has taught me, which have been very calming for me.” Kate.


The many services that Kym provides are delivered with such love, compassion, understanding and professionalism, that they can  be life changing for those who are ready to make a positive difference to their lives. Her generous nature and dedication to helping others is inspirational, and she has helped myself, my family and many of my friends with her gentle but very effective techniques. I am extremely grateful for the wonderful friendship, teachings and support Kym has given me over the last 5 years and feel very blessed to have her in my life”. – Simone H.


“Through Kym’s compassionate and pragmatic approach to life in general she has provided me with the guidance I have needed to change the negative thoughts which use to control my life. Kym has introduced me to Yoga which goes beyond the use of postures alone to improve ones well being. I have become a more compassionate and understanding person using the spiritual and mediative aspects of Yoga, for this I will be ever grateful. Although I am not always in a perfect state of being (in fact I am yet to get there) I know now that I can use the techniques Kym has provided me to get through those times we all have when the storm clouds gather over head. To this end I would recommend for those who have yearning questions about life or who just need someone to talk to, to contact Kym and arrange a time to talk (you may never know what will come of it)”. – Jason.