Spiritual Direction

Spiritual Direction – Kym McDonald

Eastern-Philosophy Spiritual Direction

“To live one’s life in union with the Divine & to realise the freedom of one’s Highest Self is the ultimate goal of the Philosophy of Yoga. Spiritual direction, from the perspective of Yoga, is founded on the understanding that The Divine lives within the hearts of each of us and of all creation”.

The aim of spiritual direction is the formation of a partnership between Universal Consciousness, the student, and the director in a holy alchemy, which lovingly upholds the student during exploration and deepening of one’s relationship with The Divine, others, all creation, and the higher Self.

Through deep listening, powerful questions, and reflection of the thoughts and feelings conveyed by the student, spiritual direction provides an opportunity to regularly reflect on life’s events and circumstances from a spiritual perspective.

Spiritual practices, including spiritual direction, have the ability to expand one’s inner awareness where stillness, peace, happiness, and joy reside; meditation, contemplation, chanting, pranayama, or yoga may be offered as tools to support the student in experiencing the Divine in every moment of this sacred dance called life.

With grace, self-effort, and the support of a spiritual director, students can fully awaken to their inner divinity and express their true natures of love, compassion, and service in their everyday lives.”


Standard: $100 (60mins)