Karma Yoga Community

Karma Yoga Community

“Love All, Serve All”

Yogic Wisdom is the home of the Karma Yoga Community, the community is a group of Yogi’s whom are committed to Karma Yoga (selfless service) in the form of educating and providing nourishment for children. For the last 8 years our focus has been assisting Ashraya orphanage & school for over two hundred and twenty slum and disabled children in Bangalore India. The work Ashraya does is incredibility important for these children and with the Karma Yoga Community’s support; they can continue to assist even more children in desperate need for food/shelter and education.

Ashraya provides more than just a roof over the heads, it feeds and ambitiously seeks to provide them skills for life which builds a wonderful foundation that few in India receive, especially those who are disabled and abandoned. The community collectively raise funds for teachers, food and clothing, through private contributions from the community.

At Yogic Wisdom Once a month on a Wednesday evening, we hold a meditation where all proceeds go to Ashraya. Our community members also run regular fundraising events to provide added support for the children. In the past the community have organised yearly pre-Christmas shopping trips to factory outlets, walkathons, garage sales, and raffles.

If you would like to find out more about the Karma Yoga Community please contact us at Yogic Wisdom.

To make a Donation to:

Ashraya Orphanage & School

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P: 0410 545 502