About Us

About Us

At Yogic Wisdom we are dedicated to sharing the true essence of Yoga through various Yogic methods to help reach your highest potential. Yoga meansUnion’ and is a method by which an individual may be united with the Supreme reality. This Supreme reality underlies the universe and to achieve such union is to reach the state of perfect yoga.

At Yogic Wisdom we offer many ancient teachings and methods to assist you to reach this perfect union.  These methods are:

•    Asana (postures)
•    Pranayama (breath)
•    Mantra (sound)
•    Meditation (stilling the mind)
•    Yogic Philosophy (wisdom of the ancients)
•    Yogic Mentoring and Coaching (self-awareness)
•    Yoga Therapy (healing)
•    Ayurveda (science of life)

Yogic Wisdom is suitable for everybody regardless of age, fitness, state of health or belief system. We provide you with a personal practice that is prescribed according to the physical, emotional and physiological needs as well as the circumstances of the individual.

For example, a practice may be designed simply to maintain health and fitness, or to help remedy asthma, a back or knee problem, an hormonal issue, an emotional disorder, a chronic physical or psychological condition or disability, to enhance sports prowess or to facilitate meditative practices.


 What sets us apart

We offer a combination of yogic tools that operate on all levels to influence & enhance all aspects of the individual to cope with the stresses of everyday life. At Yogic Wisdom we recognise that everyone is different and that no single approach or practice will be appropriate for all.

Each individual is unique.  At Yogic Wisdom it is with deep respect and humility that we provide a personalised combination of the Yogic tools to best suit your needs.


About Kym Lakshmi McDonald

Kym Lakshmi McDonald

Kym combines ancient yogic wisdom and teachings with modern coaching approaches, offering techniques and direction towards creating peace and   optimal wellbeing for her clients.

Kym teaches Yoga and Yoga Therapy within the tradition of Krishnamacharya, combined with Ayurveda the science of life, for the ultimate potential for each student. The ancient Yogis believed that for an individual to reach their highest potential a combination of Yoga for the mind, Ayurveda for the body and meditation for the higher self, provides the perfect set of tools for freedom and wellbeing.

Kym is also the founder of the Karma Yoga Community which provides meals daily for 250 children at the Ashraya School and orphanage in Bangalore, regular events on a donation bases are held at Yogic Wisdom in the spirit of service.


Kym McDonaldQualifications

•    P.G Dip Yoga Therapy – Viniyoga Healing foundation of India & Yoga Therapy Australia
•    Diploma of Yoga – Sydney Yoga Institute
•    Cert IV in Ayurveda – Australian College of Eastern Medicines
•    Cert IV Trainer and Assessor – Vocational Institute Australia
•    Cert IV Workplace and Business Coaching – Open Door Coaching
•    Senior First Aid – The First Aid Training Company
•    Gold Level ERYT (Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher) – Yoga Alliance® (Australia).
•    Registered Yoga Australia Teacher – Yoga Australia



Tirumalai Krishnamacharya (November 18, 1888 – February 28, 1989) was an Indian yoga teacher, ayurvedic healer and scholar. Often referred to as “the father of modern yoga”, Krishnamacharya is widely regarded as one of the most influential yoga teachers of the 20th century and is credited with the revival of hatha yoga.

Krishnamacharya held degrees in all the six Indian philosophies. In his earlier life Krishnamacharya travelled around India giving lectures and demonstrations to promote yoga, including such feats as stopping his heartbeat. He is widely considered as the architect of vinyasa, in the sense of combining breathing with movement. Underlying all of Krishnamacharya’s teachings was the principle “Teach what is appropriate for an individual.”

While he is revered in other parts of the world as a yogi, in India Krishnamacharya is mainly known as a healer who drew from both ayurvedic and yogic traditions to restore health and well-being to those he treated.

Some of Krishnamacharya’s students include many of yoga’s most renowned teachers:


•    T.K.V Desikachar, (his son)
•    Indra Devi
•    B.K.S Iyengar,(his brother-in-law )
•    Pattabhi Jois
•    A.G Mohan
•    B.N.S. Iyengar


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